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Kangaroo rats thought to be extinct reappear after 30 years

Kangaroo rats thought to be extinct reappear after 30 years

The San Quintin kangaroo rats, declared extinct by the Mexican government in 1994, made a reappearance after 30 years, much to the delight of animal conservationists. Four of these small furry mammals were rediscovered along a narrow strip of Baja California’s coast by a team of researchers from the San Diego Natural History Museum.

There’s a feeling of anticipation and excitement when you check the memory card of a camera trap that you left placed for days, or when you open a Sherman trap to see what animal is inside,” write the researchers in a blog post. “It’s not unlike the feeling of being a child discovering something new…a child who discovers the world around him or her and is amazed by its wonders.”

The team adds that that feeling “multiplies exponentially” when rediscovering a species presumed extinct.

Read full news here: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/kangaroo-rat-native-baja-california-isnt-extinct-after-all-180968926/

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