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Design Solutions for Social Impact

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“Design Solutions for Social Impact” is an exciting collaborative design project led by GBRI’s ISP (International Sustainability Program) participants. Bringing together a talented group of architecture and engineering students and recent graduates, GBRI’s ISP program fosters a dynamic environment for innovative design solutions.

This project aims to address social challenges and make a positive impact on communities through thoughtful and innovative design solutions. The primary focus here is on using design as a means of creating meaningful change. By combining their expertise, creativity, and knowledge, students will address pressing social and environmental issues and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable built environment.

The collaboration between architecture students and engineers holds tremendous potential for creating design solutions that leave a lasting social impact. As they come together, they will embark on an inspiring journey to design a range of transformative projects, including affordable housing, food stalls, food trucks, disaster-resilient structures, community gardens and centers, urban renewal initiatives, and functional spaces for small shops and shacks.

By leveraging their diverse backgrounds and perspectives, the team will work together to drive positive change and make a meaningful impact on the communities they serve.

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