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Farming groups and NGOs get together to end bull calves slaughter

Farming groups and NGOs get together to end bull calves slaughter

One of the horrors of dairy industry is the brutal way in which male calves are disposed off soon after their birth as they are ‘useless’ for the farmers. The farmers argue that they have little choice in the matter as it is not economically viable for them to raise these calves.

But the good news is that fresh initiatives are being launched by farming groups and NGOs to help end the practice of killing young male dairy calves in the UK. The dairy industry body AHDB said it was working with the National Farmers Union (NFU) to convene a group of stakeholders including retailers and NGOs to work on the issue, but that dairy farmers must not be left to carry the blame.

“The bottom line is that we need a market outlet for these calves: if it’s not economic to rear them, farmers won’t. So, as a supply chain, let’s work on solutions rather than playing the blame game. Ultimately the answer lies with consumers in the purchasing decisions they make,” NFU dairy advisor Siân Davies said.

Read full news here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/apr/10/farming-groups-take-steps-to-stop-slaughter-of-male-dairy-calves

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