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Former child laborer now feeds 2,000 hungry people daily for free

Former child laborer now feeds 2,000 hungry people daily for free

This is yet another example of how some people who were underprivileged before are today more than willing to do their bit to help others in the same condition. 26-year-old Malleshwar Rao from Hyderabad, India, worked as a construction worker during his formative years.

In his words, “I was born in a family in Nizamabad with no financial means to support me at all. Very early on in life, I realised that I would have to fend for myself and also help my family in whatever way I could.”

What’s incredible about his story is how the once child-laborer has turned around not just his own life but also impacts the lives of many others today.

Rao, and his organisation—Don’t Waste Food—collects food from around the city and feeds the poor. On a daily basis, Rao feeds around 2,000 people.

This movement initiated by him has now spread to cities like New Delhi, Rohtak and Dehradun, raising the number of daily beneficiaries to around ten thousand.

Read more here: https://www.thebetterindia.com/203452/hyderabad-hunger-hero-child-labourer-donate-free-food-poor-inspiring-india/

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