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Kerala is using non-recyclable plastic for laying roads

Kerala is using non-recyclable plastic for laying roads

The problem of plastic pollution is impacting every corner of the world. Governments across the globe are looking for ways to fight this menace that is spreading at an uncontrollable pace. India alone is expected to consume more than 20 million tonnes of plastic in 2020.

To tackle plastic pollution to some extent, the Indian state of Kerala has undertaken a plastic recycling project which makes use of non-recyclable plastic for laying roads.

Kudumbashree is a self-help initiative by the Kerala government. Its workers go from door-to-door every fortnight to collect non-recyclable plastic. Various awareness drives are also organised to sensitize the locals and ensure participation from everyone.

Anything that cannot be recycled constitutes non-recyclable products. Examples are food storage containers, styrofoam, disposable diapers, bottle caps, and even PVC pipes.

All this plastic is then shredded and used for road construction. According to studies, there is no reduction in the quality of the roads made out of this plastic. In fact, melted plastics bind the aggregates of different sizes, thereby increasing the life of the road.

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