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PepsiCo joins alliance to create 100% bio-based beverage containers

PepsiCo joins alliance to create 100% bio-based beverage containers

Following in the footsteps of Danone, Nestlé Waters, and startup Origin Materials, food and beverage giant PepsiCo has also joined the NaturALL Bottle Alliance, a consortium that has the goal of introducing a fully renewable and recyclable PET bottle using bio-based, 100% sustainable and renewable resources.

Executives from Danone, Nestlé Waters, and Origin Materials were enthusiastic in welcoming PepsiCo to the effort this week. Mehmood Khan, PepsiCo vice chairman and chief scientific officer, expressed excitement about adding PepsiCo’s R&D capabilities to the alliance.

“Producing PET from sustainable bio-based sources that do not diminish food resources and are fully recyclable is a great example of such innovation and an important contributor to PepsiCo’s sustainable packaging program,” Khan said.

PepsiCo currently has a goal of reducing absolute emissions of greenhouse gases by 20% by 2030, and reducing carbon emissions from packaging would help the company get there.

Read more here: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2018/09/pepsico-bio-based-bottles/

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