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Polish startup introduces ‘Bee Saving Paper’ to save hungry bees

Polish startup introduces ‘Bee Saving Paper’ to save hungry bees

In an effort to save rapidly declining bee populations, a Polish Startup came up with the idea of ‘Bee Saving Paper’ — a biodegradable paper that packs in glucose, which acts as an energy drink for hungry pollinators.

The material is made by dissolving a special kind of sugar into water, making a paste that beekeepers use to nourish their hives during the winter. According to the paper startup’s website, only 0.5 kilograms of the substance is enough to feed several thousand bees.

Started in 2017, the startup has already launched its first successful field test with a Polish farmer whose bee populations were suffering. Now, the company is looking for other businesses to adopt the bee-friendly materials for their paper-based products.

Read full news here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/bee-saving-paper-is-ingenious-way-to-save-hungry-pollinators/

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