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This Indian doctor has been providing free palliative care for the last 16 years

This Indian doctor has been providing free palliative care for the last 16 years

Not all heroes wear capes, and Dr Johny Gabriel from the south Indian state of Kerala is proof of that. Despite securing a job as a regular government hospital doctor, Gabriel wanted to do something more to help people who couldn’t afford healthcare or who couldn’t come to the hospital for treatment.

After becoming the hospital’s favorite doctor, Gabriel wholeheartedly participated in organizing medical camps.

The camps were helpful for the people in and around the village, but many of the bed-ridden and elderly patients could not attend them.

With a majority of the area’s population being geriatric patients, Gabriel decided to attend to these patients individually and also started a geriatric clinic at the primary health center for patients to get their sugar and blood pressure checked at a minimal cost.

With help from his colleagues, he took the initiative to begin the Rotary Club in Harippad in 2003. Although his hometown was almost two hours away, he decided to spare the first Sunday of every month for these patients.

And for the past 16 years, he has not missed a single Sunday. He has constantly been in touch with over 25 houses, providing them with the medical and emotional support they need.

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