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This Indian woman from a small village has become champion of chemical-free farming

This Indian woman from a small village has become champion of chemical-free farming

Lalita Mukati is an award-winning organic farmer from Borlai village in Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh, who has freed over 36 acres of farmland from the clutches of chemical pesticides. She single-handedly manages her farmland – from riding tractors and scooters to coordinating with nearly 30 farm hands – she does it all.

Lalita grows various kinds of crops, ranging from amla, custard apple, banana, lemon, maize, cotton, wheat, soybean, chickpea, sapota, etc. Her consistent efforts over the last six years have helped her farm earn an organic scope certificate from the Madhya Pradesh State Organic Certification Agency.

She also breeds earthworms which help turn farm waste into vermicompost, which not only helps increase the fertility of the soil in her own farm but is also sold for additional income.

To keep pests at bay, she uses and sells bio or natural pesticides that are made using a host of natural components such as liquid decomposers, cow urine and dung, jaggery, neem oil, and sour buttermilk.

And she doesn’t just stop here! Lalita has also formed an association of 21 women under the banner Maa Durga Krishi Mahila Sangathan to help more farmers adopt organic farming. The association helps the women yield better produce and double their income, while also saving the environment.

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