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This noble soul uses her pension to help the poor give dignified funerals to their dear ones

This noble soul uses her pension to help the poor give dignified funerals to their dear ones

Amarjit Kaur Dhillon is a 63-year-old retired bank officer from Punjab, India, and she has a heart of gold. Dhillon has been actively involved in social work since quite some time now. In the year 2000, she took voluntary retirement from her job to help those in need and since then, she has helped cremate more than 300 bodies of those whose families couldn’t afford a proper burial and those who have no one.

Before her retirement too, Dhillon used to donate money and sometimes, collect funds from colleagues to fund kidney transplants and organize medical camps for the Red Cross.

However, it was a visit to PGIMER with her mother in 1998 that changed the scope of her work.

“There, I saw so many poor patients struggling for shelter, food, medicine and treatment. Seeing this broke my heart. From thereon, I dipped into my pocket to help poor patients with money to buy food or medicines. I wanted to help them in anyway I could. Two years later, when I visited the hospital I found out about the unidentified bodies lying in the mortuary unattended. The hospital attendants there asked me whether I could help them cremate these bodies to which I agreed. I don’t know why I agreed, but haven’t looked back since,” says Dhillon.

Till this day, she sits at the emergency ward of PGIMER, guiding patients to the right departments, helping the needy with food, medicine and shelter, and in case of an unfortunate death, attends to their cremation.

And the best part is, she mostly does all of it using her own pension money.

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