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This US city is no longer sending food waste to landfills

This US city is no longer sending food waste to landfills

The city of Austin, Texas, is quite serious about meeting its goal of zero waste by 2040. Austin has enforced a new law from October 1 under which the restaurants in the city will no longer be allowed to send their food waste to landfills.

Instead, the authorities have prescribed four methods of organic waste diversion-

  1. feeding hungry people by donating extra food
  2. sending it to be used for animal feed to local animal farms or ranches
  3. composting on-site or with a private service provider
  4. encouraging the development of customized solutions which diverts organic material from landfills.

The ordinance also requires that business owners/managers provide regular education for employees and post informational signage. Additionally, they must submit an online Organic Diversion Plan each year.

A 2015 Diversion Study conducted in Austin revealed that more than 85% of the city’s trash and recycling comes from commercial businesses, multifamily properties and food service establishments. Of the materials sent to landfills, 37% is organic and could have been donated or composted.

Read more here: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2018/10/no-foodscraps-to-landfill-says-new-austin-law/

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