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People in Colombia plant 200,000 trees in a single day

People in Colombia plant 200,000 trees in a single day

Countries across the globe are embarking on reforestation drives to fight the ill-effects of climate change and global warming. Colombia is striving to achieve its goal of planting 140 million across the country over the next four years. Recently, about 400 people in 125 municipalities participated in a plantation drive and managed to plant 200,000 trees in a single day.

Through the Bosques de Vida seeding, 200,000 trees were planted throughout the department, thanks to the joint work between the community and the environmental, local and regional authorities of Antioquia.

“Today in the sowing of Antioquia 200,000 trees were planted and in two months we will be able to plant 400,000 more,” said Ricardo Lozano, the Minister of Environment.

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