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Teens help rescue passengers of a plane that crashed in water

Teens help rescue passengers of a plane that crashed in water

On May 28, four emergency firefighters of the Alaska Department of Forestry (DOF) were traveling in an aircraft from two western Alaska villages to Soldotna to support initial attack wildfire responses for the Kenai/Kodiak Area Forestry station. Unfortunately, the twin-engine aircraft crashed soon after take-off into a water-filled gravel pit.

Among the first at the scene were a group of teenagers ranging in age from 13 to 19, who were driving past the area and saw the aircraft in the water.

The teens waded into the water and worked to remove the remaining two passengers from the plane. They could not get the door open at first, so they broke out a window and eventually they were able to force the door open.

The teens called emergency services for help and others arrived to assist. Some of the rescuers were in the water for about half an hour, according to Fire Aviation.

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