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This Indian duo turns shipping containers into sustainable homes and offices

This Indian duo turns shipping containers into sustainable homes and offices

We all know the construction industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and accounts for almost 40% of the global carbon emissions. But since we all need a place to call home, this sector continues to thrive. However, we do have a choice to live in a home that has been constructed in a sustainable manner.

An Indian design studio – ‘Studio Alternatives’ – run by duo Dhara Kabaria and Sonali Phadke, enables its clients to do just that by upcycling old shipping containers to provide living spaces that are sustainable, portable, and functional!

The construction is quick and Dhara informs that the smallest structures can be put together in about 3-4 months, which is much faster than conventional construction processes.

The journey began in 2009 when Interior designer Dhara decided to start a design studio that functioned like a consultancy firm. Upcycling had always been at the forefront of their activities.

“We started by creating furniture that was designed sustainably and made by upcycling waste materials. For example, old wooden doors were transformed into tables, newspapers were used to make wall cladding, and discarded elements would be given a new life. We also did installations using reclaimed materials for other interior designers,” informs Dhara.

However, the turning point for Studio Alternatives came in 2014, when a client approached them with the idea of turning shipping containers into living spaces.

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